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Set 23 - 39 images by BKI
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Kaz B
Close Up Examination White Cyc

Kaz B: Close Up
Kaz B
3 rated:5/5
Inspired by the work of Dutch photographer Jan Vels, here we get a chance to look at Kaz B up close. To examine her beautiful body in all it soft pink charms, to really examine her breasts, her eyes, her hair.... gorgeous.
39 images from pinkmetallic (original)
Overall: ["3/5]"
Variety: ["2/5]"
Quality: ["3/5]"
Studio taken by BKI
Clothing Style: Nothing
Landscape:1500 x 1000
Portrait:1000 x 1500
Set Added: 2010-04-19
Last Updated: 2012-04-20
Production Date: 2010-03-06
Release Date: 2010-04-19
Namestem: kazb-4
Download Record: 127 (23,S)
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