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Kaz B
White Pink Stripe Collared Shirt Black Red Checked Schoolgirl Skirt No Panties
Wooden Kitchen Cupboards Banana As Dildo

Kaz B: Naughty Schoolgirl Lunchbox
Kaz B
3 rated:5/5
Kaz B, our naughty schoolgirl, has just got home and shows us that she`s carefully kept her lunchbox banana from lunchtime because she has other plans for it before she eats it. Needless to say this very sexy young woman has other revelations for us as well.
224 images from pinkmetallic (original)
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Overall: ["4/5]"
Variety: ["4/5]"
Quality: ["4/5]"
Kitchen taken by BKI
Clothing Style: Schoolwear
Landscape:1500 x 1000
Portrait:1000 x 1500
Set Added: 2010-04-25
Last Updated: 2012-04-20
Production Date: 2010-03-06
Namestem: kazb-5
Download Record: 128 (24,S)
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