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Set 13 - 4:3 MPEG video clip (0h 06m 22s)
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Red White Tufts See Thru Baby Doll Dress Matching Panties
White Sofa Rope Lights Christmas Tree White Dildo

Roxanne: Christmas Toys
2 rated:5/5
Roxanne is keen to show us her sexy new Christmas themed baby doll dress, on the sofa, next to the Christmas tree. Before we know she`s playing with the rope lights and other things!
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Overall: ["4/5]"
Variety: ["4/5]"
Quality: ["3/5]"
Lounge taken by MVI
Clothing Style: Nightwear
Set Added: 2008-05-28
Last Updated: 2012-04-19
Production Date: 2006-08-20
Release Date: 2008-05-28
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