Toys: 16:9 MPEG video clip (0h 09m 48s) by BKI 
Set 18 - 16:9 MPEG video clip (0h 09m 48s)
Toys video clip from pinkmetallic

Kaz B
White Tank Top No Panties
Asleep White Double Bed Pink Metallic Dildo

Kaz B: White Morning Wonder SD
Kaz B
3 rated:5/5
Kaz B is asleep and we watch her as she slowly awakens and reaches for her Pink Metallic dildo and proceeds to gently pleasure herself with it. What a perfect way to start a winter`s morning.
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16:9 MPEG movie (0h 09m 48s), 349.53MB from pinkmetallic (original)
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This is an alternative version of set 17
Overall: ["4/5]"
Variety: ["3/5]"
Quality: ["3/5]"
Bedroom taken by BKI
Clothing Style: Nightwear
Landscape:720 x 480
Set Added: 2010-03-22
Last Updated: 2012-04-20
Production Date: 2010-03-06
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