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Display Customisation Options
Use Direct ModeINFO: usedirect causes set icon references to be direct which means the actual set descriptions will be visible in web logs and histories. However, usedirect is a lot faster and the icons will redisplay immediately if you're using the Forward and Back buttons on your browser.
Image Page Style INFO: This selects whether images are displayed directly (where your browser can resize them as needed) or in a wrapper page - with the wrapper page you get the next image pre-loaded and can click on the current image to go on to the next image but if the image is bigger than your web browser window, a scrollbar will appear and some of the image will be missing.
Image Scaling INFO: WACS includes the ability to resize images downwards to reduce the amount of data transmitted without harming the original images. This is particularly useful when accessing a WACS server on a bandwidth restricted line or from a small laptop screen where a larger image is of no benefit. You can choose from four options: no resizing, resize just for the slideshow, resize in slideshow and paged mode set display, or resize all images. This resizing does not effect any images in downloaded zip or tar files, those are kept at the original resolution.
Image SizeINFO: Sets the size for the resized image if the setting above (Image Scaling) is set active. Note that this is a guideline size and the actual image size will be whatever is the correct proportions to fit within the specified size.
Image QualityINFO: Sets the quality of the resized image. Higher qualities will result in better images with fewer artifacts; low quality settings will result in more noticeable artifacts but smaller image files and thus faster download speeds. Again, only applies if Image Scaling is set active above.
Slide Show DelayINFO: This is the waiting time between images in the slide show. If set to zero, it will move on as soon as the next image is available for display. This number is in seconds.

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